Dwigraha Yoga: King Maker Yoga in Kundli

In this blog post, we will discuss about Dwigraha Yoga, it’s formation technique and it’s benefits for the native who have it including it’s intensity to give result. So, let’s start with our Topic: Dwigraha Yoga Meaning: Dwigraha Yoga means a Yoga that is formed by the conjunction of Two Planets which behave extraordinary when … Read more

7th Lord in Different Nakshatra | Spouse True Nature

Hey! Everyone… In this article, we are going to discuss about your spouse through your 7th lord nakshatra. Because nakshatra can explain more in detail about Your spouse accurately. 7th lord nakshatras tells a lot about the nature of your spouse, his/her behaviour, thier nature towards others and what would be thier expectations and desires … Read more

Indu Lagna Calculator | Wealth Calculator

Indu Lagna Calculator 1. Choose Your 9th House Lord: SunMoonMarsVenusSaturnJupiterMercury 2. Choose Moon Chart’s 9th House Lord: SunMoonMarsVenusSaturnJupiterMercury Calculate Indu Lagna In this blog post, we will use INDU LAGNA CALCULATOR, This calculator is used to calculate the Wealth of the native using their BIRTH CHART and MOON CHART 9th Lord.   Indu lagna is … Read more

Upapada Lagna Calculator | Spouse Nature Analysis

In this blog post, We Will Calculate Upapada Lagna Using its calculator with some few simple clicks and You’ll get know your Upapada Lagna. Upapada Lagna Calculator Step 1: Select the house where your 12th house lord is placed 1st house2nd house3rd house4th house5th house6th house7th house8th house9th house10th house11th house12th house Calculate   Here, … Read more

Arudha Lagna Calculator: FAME Calculator

Arudha Lagna Calculator Select the house in which your Ascendant Lord or 1st House Lord is placed: 1st House2nd House3rd House4th House5th House6th House7th House8th House9th House10th House11th House12th House Calculate Arudha Lagna In this blog post, we will discuss about Arudha Lagna Calculator use and Meaning of different planets as Arudha Lagna from Your … Read more

Beautiful Wife Astrology (Real Charts Example)

Disclaimer: The Birth Chart, I’m using here is used only for educational purpose and we have no intention to hurt anyone feelings and we have permissions to show this birth chart and discuss it. ——————————————————————–Hello Everyone. In this blog post, I’ll be discussing the traits of a spouse whether you will get a beautiful spouse … Read more

Tara Lagna Calculator | Billionaire Checker in Chart

Welcome Everyone! In Order to calculate your Tara Lagna Accurately. Please Follow these steps carefully through a well do student who earns in Lakhs: Calculate Your Tara Lagna First, Enter the degree and minutes of Moon and Secondly, enter the starting degree of Moon’s Nakshatra: Whatever Result You get Like 5.8 or 5.4 or anything … Read more