Dwigraha Yoga: King Maker Yoga in Kundli

In this blog post, we will discuss about Dwigraha Yoga, it’s formation technique and it’s benefits for the native who have it including it’s intensity to give result.

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Dwigraha Yoga Meaning:

Dwigraha Yoga means a Yoga that is formed by the conjunction of Two Planets which behave extraordinary when they are placed with each other and making unique combination.

Dwigraha Yoga Benefits:

The benefits or Results of Dwigraha Yoga depends upon the planets and houses involved in the Dwigraha formation. They can give you Fame, Money, Luxurious Lifestyle and Desirable Life Partner. Anything they can give you at a certain intensity level whatever those planets promise.

Result of dwigraha Yoga will vary in case of aspects, affliction and various house placements.

Dwigraha Yoga Formation Combinations:

Dwigraha Yoga can be formed when these planets are in conjunction with each other.

1. Sun – Mars Conjunction:
The native will be stubborn and will a lot of courage in them. The native will achieve success on their own. The native may have anger issues. This native can achieve anything whatever they want if they work hard on that.

2. Sun – Moon Conjunction:
The person may have low self esteem but will have good creative and artistic mind. The person will be intelligent. The person will have good knowledge of statues and buildings in future.

3. Sun – Mercury Conjunction:
This is also called Budha Aditya Yoga. The native who have this Yoga can achieve great success in their life. Because this native will have courage and good communication skills with them and they will be courageous.

4. Sun – Venus Conjunction:
The native will have good courageous power and will also be able to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle in their life. This native will build their own property on their efforts.

5. Sun – Saturn Conjunction:
The native will have good courageous power in them. And the native will be known for their good communication skills and the native will always give decisions in a unbiased manner.

6. Sun – Jupiter Conjunction:
These people will be very knowledgeable and will have great writing skills. These are the people who can speak for hours on any topic. This is also one kind of Raja Yoga.

7. Moon – Mercury Conjunction:
The native will speak whatever they have on their mind without thinking twice. And if it’s in a good dignity then the native will get huge respect in the society and remember, respect matters the most at the end.

8. Moon – Jupiter Conjunction:
This forms Gaja Kesari Yoga, Jupiter is a Teacher who have power to turn the tables and Moon is your mind. So, through your mind you wi achieve everything in life on your own efforts.

9. Moon – Saturn Conjunction: The native may think bad about themselves. If your ascendant is in good condition then the native will control their Mind and will do much better in life.

10. Moon – Venus Conjunction:
Then, the native will think about luxurious items and some adult stuff throughout the day. And the native can also indulge into bad circle. If it’s in a good dignity then the native will focus on their comfort and will work on it.

11. Moon – Mars Conjunction:
This forms a Chandra Mangal Yoga, where a person achieve all the success they desire in their life on their own efforts. That’s why it is a Raja Yoga. Only if a person wants that success, then this yoga will give you results.

12. Mercury – Venus Conjunction or Mercury – Jupiter or Mercury – Saturn:
Some common results, all three conjunction will give you is that the native will able to enjoy comfort and wealth in their life. And the native will able to become a good astrologer also.

13. Mars – Mercury Conjunction: The native will be a respectable person in society and will be known for their good knowledge. The native will make their own unique space in the society on their own efforts.

14. Mars – Venus Conjunction:
In this, the native will work hard on to achieve all the luxuries and comfort and to improve it day by day. The native will mainly focus on vehicles and property and they will achieve on their own efforts.

15. Mars – Jupiter Conjunction: Mars is self effort and Jupiter is the Jeeva (Person). When they are both in conjunction then the native will utilize their knowledge and once they do it. They will get good success on their own efforts.

16. Jupiter – Venus Conjunction:
This placement will also make a person good astrologer. The native can have huge amount of wealth and property and assets with them on their own efforts. If you have strong Jupiter than Venus then the native will mainly focus on knowledge more but will also have all the wealth they deserve and vice versa if Venus is stronger than Jupiter.

17. Jupiter – Saturn Conjunction:
These native will become a good astrologers and will able to predict the future in no time. Whatever they speak will become true but remember hard work is also needed here.

When Will You Get Dwigraha Yoga Results:

In order to check when will you get Dwigraha Yoga combination result. You have to note down whether you are going to Dasha or AntarDasha and Pryatar Dasha of any of the planet involved in the combination or not.

If you are going through the time period, then you have to see when will the Saturn or Rahu will come into trine of any of that planet making dwigraha yoga in your horoscope.

During that time period, you will get the result and in order to know the intensity of dwigraha Yoga. You have to see what degree is your planets are holding. If it’s in a average degree between 10-20. Then, it will give you good results.

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