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Welcome Everyone! In Order to calculate your Tara Lagna Accurately. Please Follow these steps carefully through a well do student who earns in Lakhs:

Calculate Your Tara Lagna

First, Enter the degree and minutes of Moon and Secondly, enter the starting degree of Moon’s Nakshatra: Whatever Result You get Like 5.8 or 5.4 or anything like that. That means, You have to count 5 Houses away from Lagna. That Will Be your 6th House. It will be your TARA LAGNA.



Follow these steps For Better Understanding:
Remember: if your Moon’s Nakshatra lord is Rahu or ketu then you have to count Anti-Clockwise From Lagna.
Step 1: Find Out Moon’s Degree through AstroSage website or App.
For example, In the above Chart. Moon’s Degree is 12 and Minute is 01. (not 1. it’s 01)
2. Then, Note Down your Moon Nakshatra.
In the above chart, the nakshatra of the native’s MOON is Magha.
3. Now! Note down the starting degree of Your Nakshatra From Below List:
Ashwini :- 00.00
Bharani :- 13.20
Krittika :- 26.40
Rohini :- 10.00
Mrigashirsha :- 23.20
Ardra :- 06.40
Punarvasu :- 20.00
Pushya :- 03.20
Ashlesha :- 16.40
Magha :- 00.00
Purva Phalguni :- 13.22
Uttara Phalguni :- 26.40
Hasta :- 10.00
Chitra :- 23.20
Swati :- 06.40
Vishakha :- 20.00
Anuradha :- 03.20
Jyeshta :- 16.40
Mula :- 00.00
Purva Ashadha :- 13.20
Uttara Ashadha :- 26.40
Shravana :- 10.00
Dhanistha :- 23.20
Shatabhisha :- 06.40
Purva Bhadrapada :- 20.00
Uttara Bhadrapada :- 03.20
Revathi :- 16.40
For example, in the above chart we have Magha Nakshatra. So, we will take the degree 00 and minute 00.
4. Now! Enter Your Moon’s Degree and Minutes and then below, enter your Moon’s nakshatra degree and minute.
For example, the above native have Moon degree 12 and minute 01. and his moon’s nakshatra degree starting degree is 00 and minute is 00 that we got from above list.
It will look like this:


5. Now! The number we got 10.82. that means 10 houses have pass from LAGNA Anti-Clockwise Because Magha Nakshatra lord is Ketu. The 3rd House will be his Tara Lagna. And now we will make our chart according to that by clicking on 3rd house.


That’s it. You got your TARA LAGNA Successfully…

Now! let’s check your Wealth Condition….
6. Look at the table below which shows nakshatras and find who is the lord of your Moon’s Nakshatra. In the above case, it is KETU who is the lord of MAGHA Nakshatra.
So, if Ketu gets exalted or debilited in that tara lagna sign. Then the person will be MULTI-MILLIONAIRE AND BILLIONAIRE.
IF that tara lagna sign is friendly with Moon Nakshatra lord then the income of native will be GOOD. 
If the Tara Lagna sign is Neutral sign then income of native will be not so good and not so bad.
If the tara lagna sign is Enemy then it’s bad for wealth.
The native’s Moon’s nakshatra Lord is Magha and it’s Lord is Ketu who is a friendly planet for capricorn sign.
Current Status: This person is in Stock Market Field and student of pharmacy. 

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