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Indu Lagna Calculator

In this blog post, we will use INDU LAGNA CALCULATOR, This calculator is used to calculate the Wealth of the native using their BIRTH CHART and MOON CHART 9th Lord.

Indu lagna is basically used to judge how much wealth the native will acquire in their lifetime career by looking at Indu Lagna carefully.

Basic understanding of What Your Lagna Sign and Moon Sign is in your Horoscope. 
Let’s BEGIN!

Indu Lagna Calculator | How To Use It?

In order to know what your Indu Lagna is. You must know what Your Ascendant Sign and Moon Sign is, it can be any sign between Aries (1) To Pisces (12).
For Better Clarity:
I’m sharing an example chart from where you can learn to find the Indu Lagna using our calculator.
Step 1: Open Your Birth Chart and MOON Chart BOTH SIDE BY SIDE. (If you don’t know how to create one just fill your birth details on this website and get one for yourself and it will look like this.)
create free kundli calculator
Image 1 (Enter Your Birth Details, Click on Kundli chart and See Your Chart:
lagna chart

How To Find 9th House Lord?

In order to find out the 9th House Lord, You have to Open Your Birth chart and see which planet rules your 9th House. (In case, if you are having trouble then you can comment down below and I’ll help you out for sure.)
Same thing, you have to do in For Moon Chart, Note down which planet rules your 9th House in your Moon Chart.
For example, In the above chart, The native have “2” Taurus sign in 9th House in his birth chart whose Lord is “Venus”. So, you have to note down Venus First.
Then, the native have to look at his Moon chart’s 9th House or you can just count 9 Places away from where your MOON is placed in. In the above case, “8” Scorpio sign whose lord is Mars is placed.


Step 3: Open our Indu Lagna Calculator and Choose the Planets Details. First, you have select your Birth Chart’s 9th house lord. and then in the next menu; you have to choose your Moon chart’s 9th House Lord. And click on Calculate.


Step 4: In the above chart, Leo sign will be his Indu Lagna and Sun is his Indu LAGNA LORD. (You can just count those number of houses away from Placement of Moon in birth chart or you can just look at this as Moon Chart House which is your Indu Lagna like 6th house of Moon chart of the native is Indu Lagna.)
Hope! You can calculate Your Indu Lagna or Wealth Calculator with ease.
So, that’s it for today. Thank You!
(Indu Lagna Calculator Design May Varry Over The Time but it will function properly)
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