Upapada Lagna Calculator | Spouse Nature Analysis

In this blog post, We Will Calculate Upapada Lagna Using its calculator with some few simple clicks and You’ll get know your Upapada Lagna.

Upapada Lagna Calculator

Step 1: Select the house where your 12th house lord is placed

Here, we will also discuss about it Upapada Lagna Proper Use For Spouse and Marriage Analysis in detail. So, don’t miss this article.
Let’s Start:

Upapada Lagna Calculator: How To Use

In order to know your Upapada Lagna, You must know HOW TO READ A BIRTH CHART Placement basics or you can checkout our article on Arudha Lagna Calculator.

Step 1: Open Your Birth Chart and Find the Placement of 12th House Lord. (In case, if you don’t know what is birth chart and how to find 12th lord then checkout this article on Arudha lagna calculator for better understanding.
Step 2: Visit Our Website’s Upapada Lagna Calculator and Select Your 12th House Lord Placement From Drop Down Menu. 
Step 3: Then, you have to click on “Calculate Upapada Lagna” . It will show you which house is your UPAPADA LAGNA.
Upapada Lagna Calculator | How To Calculate Upapada Lagna


Step 4: Now! You have to consider that House as your Ascendant and Read your chart accordingly…
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That’s it.

Nature of Spouse By Upapada Lagna:

You can easily analyze the nature of your spouse through Upapada Lagna.

All you have to just:

1. Find your Upapada Lagna.
2. Then, look at its zodiac number.
3. Find out who is the lord of that zodiac. For example, Pisces’s lord is Jupiter
Then, your spouse nature and traits will be like the Jupiter ascendant person.

And if there is any other planet with your Moon also. Then, that planet’s traits will also be considered.

Confirm Marriage By Upapada Lagna:

If the lord of Upapada Lagna is strong in your chart. Then, you’ll get married with the person you date and it will be long-lasting.

Strong upapada lagna means your Upapada lagna planet should be well-placed with benefic zodiac signs. And should not conjuct with malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu and Saturn.

Sustainability of Relationship Through Upapada Lagna:

Look the next house from Uapapda Lagna house through the chart of UL that you created earlier.

You can also call it 2nd house from Upapada Lagna house

If there is Benefic planets like Sun and Jupiter. Then everything will be fine in your relationship.

If there is malefic planets like Mars, Rahu or Saturn. Then you’ll face some difficulties in your married life.

If the Upapada lord lies in the 6th, 8th or 12th in UL chart. Then, it will considered as weak Upapada Lagna.

You can also judge your married life through Navamsha Chart’s Upapada Lagna.

Effects of Upapada Lagna:

1. Position of your Upapada Lagna lord must be positive. It should not placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house. Otherwise it will bring problems regarding marriage.

It does not mean that everything will go wrong in your life. If the lord of Upapada Lagna is conjucting with a friendly planet or it have a good zodiac sign. Then the malefic results will get neutralize.

2. You can predict the personality of your spouse through the Upapada Lagna planet. Or if there is no planet; then look for the lord. Simple!

Sun: Your life partner will be royal and dedicated towards his/her goal.

Moon: Your life partner will be emotional and will like to help others!

Mars: Your life partner may have ego and anger more than others.

Mercury: Your life partner will be intelligent in financial matters and he/she will have a good communication skills.

Jupiter: Your life partner will be a good advisor and will believe in religions.

Venus: Your life partner will be creative and artistic. He/she will be more inclined towards music, dance and poetry.

Saturn: Your life partner will quite serious in nature. He/she will try to avoid others!

Rahu: Your life partner will quite secretive and he/she could be foreigner.

Ketu: Your life partner will not care about society and all.

3. Conjunction of Upapada Lagna lord with Planets. You can predict the family background and interest of your spouse. By just looking at the conjucting planet.

4. Analyze the 2nd House from Upapada Lagna. If there is placement of Negative house. Then it will harm your married life.

5. You can also predict your married life by using Navamasha Chart. But, If you have some bad results in Lagna Chart, Upapada Lagna Chart and also in Navamsha Chart. Then it can affect your married life. But remember even a good sign or good planet conjunction can fix everything. So, keep these things in mind before going to any conclusion. And you can also ask me for help!


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